Blickfeld Lidar – Self-Driving Automobiles

My newest article in is about Blickfeld, a Munich-based lidar startup with experience in mirrors and MEMS. I loved interviewing Chief Expertise Officer and co-founder Florian Petit.

“Blickfeld isn’t the one MEMS lidar available on the market, however co-founder and Chief Expertise Workplace Florian Petit touts that Blickfeld lidar outperform as a result of their mirrors. “Lidar faces a trade-off between silicon, the place small is nice, and optics, the place massive is nice,” Petit explains.

Blickfeld has finessed that rigidity by growing lidar mirrors with unusually massive aperture, which permits them to keep up a large area of view and excessive signal-to-noise ratio, whereas packing a lot of beams right into a field roughly the dimensions of an apple.”

Learn the entire thing for element on a few of their fascinating prospects, just like the Frankfurt Airport.

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