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Cognizant visited our campus for a digital drive in August 2022 for 2 profiles – GenC and GenC Elevate for all branches. The entire course of was in Digital Mode.

172 college students registered for the first spherical.

ROUND-1: Coding Spherical -platform: Mettl: This spherical had two sections – DSA-based coding questions and SQL

  • Part – 1: Depend Inversion, Energy of a Node, and some extra which I’m not in a position to recall
  • Part – 2: -Show the final title of the scholars who scored persistently throughout their midterm and full-term.

Show the rooms occupied by the part on Monday from Sept. 11 AM

The schema can be given to you for the reference

Shortlisted College students: 87 for GenC Elevate

Tip: Apply DSA commonplace and most-famous questions for Part – 1 and Earlier 12 months Questions for Part – 2

ROUND-2: Communication Evaluation Spherical: This was a compulsory spherical. Don’t take this spherical evenly. Completely different sections on this spherical have been – Pronounce the sentences, filling within the blanks, listening comprehension, talking for a minute on the given matter

Shortlisted College students: 21 for GenC Elevate

Tip: Attempt saying phrases as a lot as attainable and be very clear within the articulation of what you say.

ROUND-3: Interview Spherical: The interviewer could or could not ask you to introduce your self and he can instantly leap to the technical questions.

  • What’s your most well-liked language?
  • Write a program to print odd numbers in reverse order within the given vary of numbers and calculate the sum.
  • What are OOPs?
  • Distinction between Inheritance and Encapsulation.
  • Distinction between printf and scanf.
  • What occupies area – class or object?
  • What are totally different header recordsdata current in C++?
  • Distinction between whereas and do-while loop.
  • Which Databases are you aware?
  • How do you create tables?
  • What are you aware about main key constraints?
  • What are you aware about Indexing constraints?
  • 3 Aptitude Questions from Revenue and Loss, SP and CP, Chance
  • Are you prepared for relocation?
  • Are you prepared for any night time shifts?

The interview lasted for about 40 minutes


  • Converse confidently, clearly, and slowly. No have to rush.
  • Attempt to give real-life examples whereas answering OOPs ideas.
  • Don’t mislead the interviewer at any level. I didn’t know in regards to the Indexing Constraints. I mentioned, “Sorry Sir, I don’t learn about it”.
  • Analysis in regards to the firm like applied sciences they work on, places of work throughout India, CEO, Founder, working workers, newly inducted insurance policies, achievements, and purchasers.
  • Have in-depth information of your most well-liked language-like options. creator, 12 months of creation, variations, syntax, fundamentals, and comparability with different languages.
  • Whereas writing code, ask for the constraints like in my case what’s the begin and finish worth of the vary, clarify the code, the key phrases, and the variables you’re utilizing.
  • Whereas fixing the aptitude questions, he requested me to point out the tough work. So hold pen and paper useful.
  • The interviewer is there to pick you. Assist him/her to pick you. They’re additionally people like us.
  • Deal with the interviewer like a dialog the place you talk about what you will have realized so far, how logically sturdy you’re, and the way presentable you’re.

Verdict: 13 chosen for the GenC Elevate. I used to be considered one of them.


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