Completely different Kinds of Speaker Connectors – Defined!

Speaker connectors are the important thing to mentioning the entire music system ensemble collectively – but they’re usually neglected.

If proper connector shouldn’t be used, then the audio sign can turn into distorted. So, you will need to spend money on a connector that gives safe connection with none sign loss.

They arrive in several sizes and shapes, together with feminine and male variations; every having their very own perks and makes use of. Nevertheless, they’re all designed to plug and unplug simply with out the necessity for screws or fasteners.

In case you are seeking to spend money on the perfect speaker connector and questioning which one to decide on, then you’ve come to the suitable place.

On this article, we’ve offered totally different speaker connectors intimately. Learn on to examine the data and spend money on an choice your music ensemble deserves.

Completely different Kinds of Speaker Connectors

1. RCA Connector

Phono (RCA) Connectors

This connector is a quite common sort of analog audio connector and can be utilized with receivers, preamplifiers and amps. This connector is also called a “phono connector” as a result of it was initially designed to attach a turntable from a phonograph to a radio receiver.

A stereo audio RCA cable has 4 connectors, one on every finish. To make issues simpler, they’re usually color-coded. The pink one represents the suitable channel and the black or the white the left.

There are numerous sorts of RCA cables. RCA cables had been a preferred selection for transmitting audio and movies earlier than HDMI was popularized. In such conditions, a 3rd connector usually marked with yellow is the suitable selection. These sort of RCS connectors are referred as composite RCA.

2. Banana Plugs

Banana Plugs

If the speaker has binding-post terminals, then that you must get Banana Plugs. You may connect banana plugs to the ends of speaker wires to attach them to an amp or receiver. They’re held within the speaker holes by a spring contact at their steel suggestions. These are used to hook up encompass sound techniques.

They’re barely costly when in comparison with different connectors however you will get some low-cost ones on-line. They’ve a metallic collar that may be compressed to slot in the binding submit gap. Within the case of a 5-way binding submit, we’d advocate twin banana connectors over a single one.

Twin banana plugs include optimistic and damaging connectors which are fastened in a molded housing which areas them 3/4″ other than one another. They’re straightforward to attach in comparison with single banana plugs, particularly when used together with 5-way posts.

3. Speaker Pins

Speaker Pins

The speaker pin is a smaller model of the banana connector. They lack spring contact and usually tend to fall out of the connection port. These pins have to be securely linked to the binding posts. They haven’t been used usually, however they’ll work in a pinch should you don’t have another choices.

You don’t want speaker pins or banana connectors to attach a speaker to an amplifier or AV receiver. You may really tie the speaker wire on to each the optimistic and the damaging connections utilizing the binding posts.

You will need to not contact the wire’s uncovered ends collectively as this will trigger a brief circuit. Banana plugs are a good selection for most individuals.

The Monopriced Gold-Plated Speaker Plugs is a superb choice if you wish to check a dependable set. This isn’t a standard connection, nevertheless it doesn’t essentially imply that it’s not appropriate for you.

4. RF Connectors

RF Connectors

Coaxial RF connections can assist high-resolution audio. They’re normally outfitted with a needle within the center that threads into the connector port and secures it in place. Normal for TV receivers in addition to two-way radio, RF connectors are used.

5. MMCX Connectors

MMCX Connectors

An MMCX connector is a smaller model of the MCX. These connectors are used to attach the cable to every earpiece of in-ear headphones or earbuds. Shopper audio makes use of aren’t doubtless to make use of MMCX or MCX connections, nevertheless they are often present in specialised units.

6. Connectors MCX

MCX is brief for “micro coaxial connector”. That is basically an RF connector, however 30% smaller. They’ve a needle on the heart to make sure stability, identical to RF connectors. These are sometimes used to attach antennas and GPS receivers like these in vehicles. An MCX shouldn’t be required to attach your audio receiver to any audio participant.

7. XLR Connectors

XLR Connectors

These pins can be found in several codecs; amongst them three pin codecs are common as they supply balanced alerts. They arrive with a particular design which lets the plug to make contact on the bottom pin earlier than it’s linked to the remaining. This reduces the probabilities of damaging the entire system.

This connector additionally creates balanced audio which considerably reduces the electromagnetic interference and ensures a long-range sign. XLR connectors are appropriate for a variety of functions from microphones to amplifiers and extra.


TOSLINK (or Toshiba Hyperlink) is an optical fibre connection that can be utilized in client audio gear. TOSLINKs, digital cables, transmit audio from audio sources reminiscent of CDs or DVD gamers to AV receivers.

The ports for optical cables are normally labelled “Optical” with a protecting cap that opens when the cable is plugged in. These cables can solely assist 24/96 res audio. If you wish to set up a professional-grade system, go for coaxial cables.

9. Speakon Connectors

Speakon Connectors

Speakon connectors can be found in 2 to 4 pole variations, in addition to 8 pole variations. The 8-pole design is extra highly effective than the two and 4 variants. The two- and 4-pole designs could be interchangeably. These connectors are very reasonably priced and might carry extra present than different connectors. They’ve a locking plug and a non-shorting electrical contact.

10. Binding submit

binding post

Binding connectors can be utilized to attach naked cables. You should utilize them with banana connectors or pin connectors. Almost all audio system embody a binding pin. These are quite common and could be linked in two alternative ways. The speaker wire have to be disconnected and inserted into the opening. The wire must be inserted into the opening within the binding submit. Banana plugs can be utilized for this. You may discover a plastic cap on the receiver that must be eliminated. It’s immune to corrosion and has wonderful sign switch capabilities.

11. Spade Connectors

spade connectors

For a spade connection, you want 4 spade connectors for a single wire. There are each angled and straight spade connectors obtainable. There isn’t a giant distinction between them. Normally, these connectors are offered as a set. The connectors have the looks of a forked steel. The connectors could be hooked to the speaker via totally different strategies like soldering and crimping.

For a powerful connection, a crimping device is really helpful. Additionally, it’s best to not use pliers. If the connection is completed in the suitable method, then you wouldn’t want soldering. Spade connections are perfect for connecting wires to audio system positioned within the neighborhood of a wall. In such conditions, banana plugs aren’t required.

Why Use Speaker Connectors?

Coloured connectors will make it straightforward to overlook about second guessing, worrying, and scrutinizing. Connectors for speaker wires are an effective way to avoid wasting time, particularly when utilizing multichannel residence stereo techniques.

The terminals of audio system and residential audio gear are practically at all times coloured to point polarity. For instance, the optimistic terminal (+), is pink and the damaging terminal (-), is black. Nevertheless, the alternative is true for speaker wires.

Some speaker wires don’t have two-tone insulation. For straightforward identification, outstanding markings reminiscent of textual content, dashed strains or stripes are used to point the optimistic finish.

Additionally it is simpler to attach speaker wires to amplifiers or receivers. Earlier than inserting the strands right into a spring clip, or binding submit, they have to be joined collectively (normally by twisting them). Typically it may be laborious to see and the areas between posts are restricted. Should you make a mistake and break or mush the wire, you will have to re-straighten it once more.

As a result of speaker wire connectors home and shield the wires, plugging and unplugging audio could be finished rather more simply than with RCA Jacks.

Speaker wire connectors are an effective way to maintain audio cables operating easily. Your stereo audio system will produce a high-quality sign if the ideas are accurately put in. As if that weren’t sufficient, speaker wire connectors also can give your gear a extra organized and complicated look.

The backsides and receivers of amplifiers, audio system, and receivers won’t be very provocative. The individuals you wish to impress (together with your self), are the lovers who take the time to take a look at what you’re doing.

Closing Ideas

You will need to use speaker connectors as they assist full the entire ensemble of your music system. There are a number of choices on the subject of speaker connectors. We have now talked about on this article in your reference. Learn the data clearly to know which one fits your necessities.

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