Detect System Theme Desire Change Utilizing JavaScript


JavaScript and CSS permit customers to detect the consumer theme desire with CSS’ prefers-color-scheme media question. It is commonplace as of late to make use of that desire to indicate the darkish or mild theme on a given web site. However what if the consumer modifications their desire whereas utilizing your app?

To detect a system theme desire change utilizing JavaScript, you might want to mix matchMedia, prefers-color-scheme, and an occasion listener:

window.matchMedia('(prefers-color-scheme: darkish)')
      .addEventListener('change',({ matches }) => {
  if (matches) {
    console.log("change to darkish mode!")
  } else {
    console.log("change to mild mode!")

The change occasion of the matchMedia API notifies you when the system desire modifications. You should use this occasion to mechanically replace the location’s show in actual time.

I like that this API permits detecting consumer desire on a system stage. Catering to consumer wants is a crucial a part of creating a terrific internet expertise!

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