Distinction between Grasping Algorithm and Divide and Conquer Algorithm


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Divide and conquer Algorithm:

Divide and Conquer is an algorithmic paradigm during which the issue is solved utilizing the Divide, Conquer, and Mix technique.

A typical Divide and Conquer algorithm solves an issue utilizing the next three steps:

  • Divide: This entails dividing the issue into smaller sub-problems.
  • Conquer: Resolve sub-problems by calling recursively till solved.
  • Mix: Mix the sub-problems to get the ultimate resolution of the entire drawback.

Grasping Algorithm:

Grasping algorithm is outlined as a technique for fixing optimization issues by taking choices that end in probably the most evident and rapid profit regardless of the ultimate final result. It’s a easy, intuitive algorithm that’s utilized in optimization issues.

Distinction between the Grasping Algorithm and the Divide and Conquer Algorithm:


Divide and conquer

Grasping Algorithm


Divide and conquer is used to acquire an answer to the given drawback, it doesn’t intention for the optimum resolution. The grasping methodology is used to acquire an optimum resolution to the given drawback.


On this method, the issue is split into small subproblems. These subproblems are solved independently. Lastly, all of the options to subproblems are collected collectively to get the answer to the given drawback. In Grasping Technique, a set of possible options are generated and decide up one possible resolution is the optimum resolution.


Divide and conquer is much less environment friendly and slower as a result of it’s recursive in nature. A grasping methodology is relatively environment friendly and quicker as it’s iterative in nature.


Divide and conquer might generate duplicate options. Within the Grasping methodology, the optimum resolution is generated with out revisiting beforehand generated options, thus it avoids the re-computation 


Divide and conquer algorithms largely run in polynomial time. Grasping algorithms additionally run in polynomial time however take much less time than Divide and conquer


Examples: Merge type,
Fast type,
Strassen’s matrix multiplication.
Examples: Fractional Knapsack drawback,
Exercise choice drawback,
Job sequencing drawback.


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