Flutter Flavors iOS and Very Good Cli


I simply created a brand new mission with the very_good_cli v0.8.4 like this very_good create my_project.

Sadly, when I attempt to launch it on the iPhone 14 Professional Max emulator by way of flutter run lib/main_development.dart I get the next error message.

flutter run
Launching lib/main_development.dart on iPhone 14 Professional Max in
debug mode...
The Xcode mission defines construct configurations:
Debug-production, Debug-development, Debug-staging,
Launch-production, Launch-development, Launch-staging,
Profile-production, Profile-development, Profile-staging
Flutter expects a construct configuration named Debug or
Open Xcode to repair the issue:
  open ios/Runner.xcworkspace
1. Click on on "Runner" within the mission navigator.
2. Make sure the Runner PROJECT is chosen, not the Runner
3. Click on the Editor->Add Configuration->Duplicate "Debug"

   If this feature is disabled, it's doubtless you may have the
   goal chosen as an alternative
   of the mission; see:

   In case you have created a very customized set of construct
   you'll be able to set the FLUTTER_BUILD_MODE=debug
   within the .xcconfig file for that configuration and run from

4. In case you are not utilizing fully customized construct
configurations, identify the newly created configuration debug.
Couldn't construct the appliance for the simulator.
Error launching software on iPhone 14 Professional Max.

I did strive including the FLUTTER_BUILD_MODE=debug in each the Debug.xcconfig and Realese.xcconfig however didn’t make any distinction.

That is how the generated configurations appear to be:

enter image description here

Any options?


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