Google SWE Interview Expertise (Google On-line Coding Problem) 2022

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In March 2022, Google held GOCC44 (Google’s On-line Coding Problem ), a hackathon particularly designed for ladies. The group members acquired URLs for the coding check after finishing the portal’s registration. I acquired a name from the recruiter asking me to return in for the onsite interview rounds based mostly on my efficiency and resume screening.

Spherical 1: Coding Take a look at: Platform: Google On-line Problem web site Length: 1 hour

  • 2 straightforward to medium-level coding questions have been requested on this spherical. 
  • I used to be in a position to full each the questions however might solely move partial check circumstances. Nearly a month later, I bought a name from the recruiter relating to the on-site interview spherical.

Spherical 1: On-site Technical Interview: Platform: Google Meet Length: 45 minutes

  • This spherical began with the interviewer introducing himself after which he immediately offered the DSA downside.
  • Drawback: Given a binary array (an array consisting of zeroes and ones), discover the variety of subarrays with most consecutive ones.
  • I defined the answer utilizing the brute power technique first after which described the optimum strategy utilizing prefix sum array. I accomplished the code, carried out a fast dry run, and acknowledged the time and area complexity of the answer.
  • He was happy with the strategy and the interview concluded with me asking him a couple of questions on his work at Google.

Spherical 2: On-site Technical Interview: Platform: Google Meet: Length: 60 minutes (45 minutes DSA + 15 minutes G&L )

  • Much like the earlier spherical, the interviewer immediately requested concerning the DSA downside.
  • Drawback: Given an array of some playing cards from a deck and the variety of suites (s) and ranks (r) in every go well with of those customized playing cards, return the best 5 flushes i.e. discover out a set of playing cards with 5 consecutive ranks in a go well with and return one such set with the best worth. The fits are ranked from 1 to s and every go well with ranks from 1 to r in growing order of worth. For instance Enter: Whole variety of suites = 7, Whole variety of ranks = 10, an array of playing cards S1R0, S2R2, S2R5, S2R3, S3R1, S3R4, S2R6, S2R4, S3R5, S3R2, S3R3, S5R9. Output: array of S3R1, S3R2, S3R3, S3R4, S3R5. 
  • I solved this utilizing a map knowledge construction to retailer the given playing cards with keys as go well with numbers and values as ranks in these fits. He appeared happy with the strategy so I proceeded to put in writing the code, carried out a fast dry run, and defined the time and area complexities for a similar.
  • The final quarter-hour of this spherical have been dedicated to Googleyness and Management (G&L) whereby the interviewer requested me a couple of behavioral questions and I answered these whereas highlighting my G&L expertise.
  • The primary 2 on-site interview rounds have been necessary and you’re chosen for the third one relying in your efficiency. I bought a name after an hour that I had been certified for the third spherical and it was scheduled after a day.

Spherical 3: On-site Technical Interview: Platform: Google Meet Length: 60 minutes (45 minutes DSA + 15 minutes G&L )

  • This spherical immediately began with the DSA Issues
  • Drawback 1: Airplane Baggage Ordering downside I defined 2 totally different approaches for this and coded the one with higher time and area complexity. 
  • Drawback 2: Altering delayed clock time to present time in minimal steps. The accessible steps are increment by 1/5/15/30/60 minutes. Strategies like get_clock_time(), increment_by_5(), and many others. have been made accessible.
  • I solved this downside utilizing the grasping strategy, wrote a completely practical code, carried out a fast dry run, and acknowledged time and area complexities for a similar.
  • Within the final quarter-hour, the interviewer requested some behavioral questions ( Googleyness and Management expertise). I requested her a couple of questions on her work in Google in the long run.

Ultimate verdict: After every week, my recruiter knowledgeable me that I had been provided the Software program Engineer Function at Google!


  • Together with the DSA questions, the Googleyness and Management rounds play a big position within the interview course of. Be sure you examine these rules earlier than your interview and spotlight the identical whereas answering the behavioral questions.
  • Google provides utmost significance to the standard of code you write. A candidate is predicted to put in writing production-level code that’s totally practical, clear, and properly indented with correct variable names.
  • Be sure you are thorough with DSA and OOPs ideas.
  • Suppose loudly all through the interview course of, even if you find yourself coding. At all times spotlight the time and area complexities of your approaches. 
  • Take your time to understand the DSA downside and search clarification by asking questions on it.
  • At all times exhibit curiosity within the job on the firm by asking the interviewer questions on the conclusion.

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