Hate Your Ft? Examine Out This LEGO Launcher

There’s a development within the maker group (largely because of the affect of the notorious Michael Reeves) of constructing painful contraptions for our amusement. As a result of most individuals aren’t full monsters, they have a tendency to direct that ache in direction of themselves. Adam Beedle is a budding YouTube star who’s taking some classes from Reeves’s playbook. Beedle figured that few issues on this world are extra painful than stepping on LEGO, so he constructed a catapult to launch LEGO bricks beneath an individual’s toes. And that individual is, after all, Beedle himself.

This isn’t Beedle’s first foray into self-targeting automated masochism. A number of months in the past, he constructed an AI-controlled Nerf blaster and programmed it to shoot his personal face. However Nerf dart photographs are kitten kisses when in comparison with the agony of stepping on a LEGO brick. Spitting in Isaac Asimov’s face, Beedle gave his robotic creation the only directive of forcing its goal to tread upon sharp Danish plastic. As quickly because the robotic detects an individual (who’s all the time Beedle, in follow), it locates their toes and begins firing brick after brick at them. The goal is assured to both step on a brick or, in the event that they stand nonetheless, at the very least take a pointy nook to a toe.

The robotic turret makes use of a webcam to search for hapless targets. The webcam connects to a pc operating some type of pc imaginative and prescient software program (in all probability OpenCV). The software program appears to acknowledge Beedle’s crimson socks—not toes normally. That is smart, as detecting and masking a particular shade in a video feed is way simpler than performing true object (or physique half) recognition. After the detecting the crimson socks, the software program tells the turret to show in direction of them till they’re within the heart of the video body. Then it begins firing.

Beedle 3D-printed the turret and its intelligent automated firing mechanism. An Arduino Uno board controls two servo motors. The primary rotates the turret so it will possibly purpose within the horizontal aircraft. The second drives the firing mechanism. That mechanism makes use of rubber bands to propel the bricks that drop down from a magazine-style hopper. The servo motor turns a rack and pinion gear set that pulls again the rubber bands after which releases them. The end result, as you’ll be able to see within the video, is targeted podiatric torture.

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