ios – Button type label picture and textual content foreground coloration change at a unique time?

I’ve a query about part of my code in my customized button type. So I created a customized button type and that is what I’m returning:

return AnyView(Label {
} icon: {
    icon.resizable().body(width: 30, peak: 30)
    configuration.isPressed ? :
.body(maxWidth: .infinity, minHeight: 20)

The foregroundColor ought to change once I faucet the button, and it does change. The problem is, the icon takes a couple of extra milliseconds to return to its authentic coloration. For instance, for example the colour of the textual content and icon is pink. After I click on on the button each turn into blue, however textual content goes again to pink instantly as soon as I let go and icon(picture) goes again to pink with a really temporary(a couple of millisecond) animation. I would like each to be synced.

I do know that more often than not in button kinds we simply return configuration.label, however what I’m returning additionally works and has no points.
icon on this case is Picture(systemName: “plus”)

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