ios – Find out how to routinely replace View Mannequin, when CoreData modifications in SwiftUI?



I’ve an App utilizing SwiftUI and CoreData. For displaying the Information and updating it routinely when modifications seem within the Mannequin, SwiftUI gives the @FetchRequest Property Wrapper, that can be utilized in Views.

Nonetheless, I want to have a ViewModel that manages the Information saved in CoreData and can be utilized by Views by means of the @Revealed Property Wrapper. However I’ve difficulties implementing an answer, that additionally updates routinely to modifications in CoreData.


class SomeViewModel: ObservableObject {
    @Revealed var filteredEntities: [Entity]

    init() {
        // Load all Entities from CoreData, filter and assign them to filteredEntities.
        // Additionally be sure, that when CoreData modifications, the step above will get repeated.


  • Is that this doable and was SwiftUI & MVVM designed for this?
  • How can I obtain the purpose described above?


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