ios – Methods to create correct CollisionShapes for my 3D .USDZ mannequin?


That is how my mannequin seems like and it is collision shapes (pink shade).

enter image description here

My downside with that is that when I attempt to faucet on the bottommost a part of my mannequin (the circle), I am unable to do this, as a result of the uppermost a part of the mannequin’s CollisionShape is in the way in which.

That is how i attempted to create an correct collisionShape for my mannequin:

@objc personal func placeObject() {
let entity = attempt! Entity.load(named: "Laryngeal")
let geom = entity.findEntity(named: "Geom")
for kids in geom!.kids {
  let childModelEntity = kids as! ModelEntity
  childModelEntity.collision = CollisionComponent(shapes: [ShapeResource.generateConvex(from: childModelEntity.model!.mesh)])
let modelEntity = ModelEntity()
let anchorEntity = AnchorEntity(airplane: .horizontal)

arView.installGestures([.all],for: modelEntity)



So my query is, how am i able to create essentially the most correct collisionShape which completely suits my mannequin?


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