ios – onDisappear not known as when NagivationView navigates to totally different view


In a NavigationView, when choosing a unique vacation spot, this vacation spot view calls onAppear as anticipated. Nonetheless the onDisappear just isn’t known as as one other vacation spot is chosen, at the very least not instantly, solely after a 3rd vacation spot will get chosen (see log output beneath).

struct DetailModel: Identifiable {
    var title: String
    var id: String  {

struct ContentView: View {
    @State var particulars = [DetailModel(title:"one"), DetailModel(title:"two"), DetailModel(title:"three"), DetailModel(title:"four")]
    var physique: some View {
        NavigationView {
            Record {
                ForEach(particulars) { element in
                    NavigationLink(element.title) {
                        DetailView(element: element)

struct DetailView: View {
    var element: DetailModel
    var physique: some View {
        Textual content("DetailView: (element.title)")
            .onAppear() {
                print("DetailView: onAppear: (element.title)")
            .onDisappear() {
                print("DetailView: onDisappear: (element.title)")

Log output (further line between faucet occasions)

DetailView: onAppear: one

DetailView: onAppear: two

DetailView: onDisappear: one
DetailView: onAppear: three

DetailView: onDisappear: two
DetailView: onAppear: 4

onDisappear for first element view solely will get known as after the second and the third view have been chosen.

I perceive SwiftUI tries to maintain the views for higher show efficiency.

How can I detect {that a} view is now not proven so I can carry out some motion (e.g. pause a video participant)?

iOS 15.6 for iPad, XCode 14.0.1, Swift 5

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