ios – Swift and Coding for SQLite databases finest observe query?


I’m going to byte the bullet and begin utilizing Swift as an alternative on Goal C as my default language for my mac initiatives which is correctly a nasty idear as a result of many of the stuff i do finally ends up calling out to “actual C” code anyway.

So I’m beginning to convert a few of my customary libraries to Swift so I assumed would begin with a small take a look at of calling into the SQLite3 library.

and that i observed that many of the examples I discovered on the web makes use of an OpaquePointer? as the sort for the database and assertion variables ?? actually ?? I had hoped for one thing extra superior like a typed pointer to SQLite3 * and SQLite3_stmt *.
so my query is is there no typed pointer or can I make my very own typed pointer withe a typedef like. typedef SQLite_StmtPointer = OpaquePointer? simply so the code reads a bit nicer.

or perhaps I simply misunderstood the idea ?

regards Christian Stœr Andersen

I’m begining to overlook the outdated days after we had a program dimension restrict of 64K.


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