ios – SwiftUI / UIKit view the place person can poste photographs


Regardless of the framework (SwiftUI/UIKit), what sort of view / UI factor can I take advantage of that lets a person paste photographs, akin to what Instagram permits? Particularly, I’m about creating some type of canvas the place customers can paste iOS 16 kind stickers. How can I even method this?

Particularly, I need to create an empty canvas that customers can faucet / lengthy press after which a context menu opens the place customers can paste a picture (or ios16 sticker)

Photos to indicate what I imply / what Instagram has:

enter image description here

  • Instagram provides a Paste context menu

enter image description here

  • The pasted sticker, could be freely moved round

enter image description here

Sorry for not posting any code and so forth, however I merely simply must know what sort of base view / method to even use to aim creating one thing like this.


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