Lynk Logistics Interview Expertise for SDE (On-campus) 2022


So Lynk Logistics got here to our campus for hiring.

First Spherical: On-line Check 

  • Platform: HackerEarth
  • Time: 1.5 hours 

3 Coding Questions 

I solved all 3 in 20 minutes.

12 folks have been shortlisted for spherical 2 (bodily interview)

Spherical 2 ( Tech spherical ): The interviewer was very calm and composed. He requested about my introduction after which proceeded by asking 2 DSA questions 

  • Given n pairs of parentheses, write a perform to generate all mixtures of well-formed parentheses –
  • Design a stack that helps push, pop, prime, and retrieving the minimal aspect in fixed time –

I solved the primary one with backtracking + recursion inside 10 minutes. The interviewer requested me to write down down the code on paper and clarify the strategy. For the second query, I first advised him O(N) strategy. He requested me to optimize it utilizing O(1) strategy. I took numerous time to provide you with an answer after which I requested for a touch. After that, I used to be ready to determine the reply 

Spherical 3( Tech Spherical): The interviewer launched himself after which requested me to introduce myself. He scanned by way of my resume and located that I cleared GATE CS regardless of being from an ECE background. He began asking about it. How I cleared, What I studied and so on. Then he began questioning with DBMS. He requested in regards to the Main key, Overseas key. Then, He requested just one DSA query 

  • Given an array that consists of 0s, 1s, and 2s in a shuffled method. Kind it with out utilizing any sorting algorithms  –

For this one, I began with 2 pointer strategy, after which I used to be getting a fallacious reply. Then I confirmed him the place I went fallacious. He gave a clue to make use of yet one more variable. It took me some time. However I figured it out and confirmed him the dry run of the strategy. He dint ask me to code it. After which the interview ended 

Spherical 4(Tech Spherical): The interview began by introducing myself. after which she gave 2 coding questions 

  • Given an integer array nums of distinctive parts, return all potential subsets. The answer set should not include duplicate subsets. –
  • Discover the bottom frequent ancestor in a binary tree –

I solved each issues shortly after which she requested a couple of questions on how will I retailer an infinite variety of phrases optimally. I mentioned N-ary Tree and tried to elucidate it as a lot as I can. I actually dint know what was the correct reply.. lastly, she was glad with my reply.

The interview ended. 

Consequence: SELECTED! 


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