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Interview Spherical 1: 

  • Distinction between multiprocessing and multithreading.
  • SQL Question to seek out the nth highest wage within the worker desk. I wrote one utilizing nested queries. However he requested me to write down a generic one which I didn’t know and I merely instructed him that I’m not good at writing SQL queries.
  • A basic math downside: A horse travels one mile in two minutes in a single route. It travels a long way in three minutes in wrong way resulting from wind. Discover the time taken to journey one mile when there isn’t a wind.
  • Write the code to seek out the peak of the Binary tree (I used to be coding in python however he particularly requested me to code in C which I did however missed a number of semicolons >_< which he particularly identified and requested me to finish these).
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Why ought to we rent you?

Interview Spherical 2:

  • Describe your internship challenge. I used docker as an internship so I used to be requested questions on containers, digital machines, and so on.
  • Describe one of many initiatives you could have talked about in your resume. No cross-questioning.
  • I used to be requested a coding query that I don’t keep in mind. It was simple.
  • I used to be requested to write down code for locating the longest palindromic substring in a string. First, he requested concerning the method, after which I coded it utilizing the brute pressure method. I used to be requested to optimize it, then I defined to him the method and coded the optimized method.

Interview Spherical 3: This spherical was taken by the Director of Improvement. He took our pre-placement discuss too.

  • I used to be shocked when he instructed me that I’ve received the suggestions that you’re superb at problem-solving (This was his beginning line and tbh I’ve by no means finished any form of aggressive programming, I don’t even have CodeChef, code forces, interview bit profiles and made a leetcode profile after the beginning of placement season). He requested if I clear up issues on leetcode and I instructed him that I’ve solved 30-35 issues solely. 
  • He requested me about programming language desire and I instructed python. Then he instructed me he hasn’t used python a lot after which requested me about shallow copy and deep copy in python. I used to be requested to point out it utilizing code.
  • Then I used to be requested a two-sum downside the place we needed to print all of the pairs summing as much as a given quantity. First I gave a brute pressure method utilizing two loops after which optimized it utilizing a HashSet. I gave a two-pass answer first after which he requested me to do it in a single cross, which I did.
  • Then he requested me: Discover the minimal variety of deletions to make a string palindrome. A easy dynamic programming downside. So I straight coded it utilizing dynamic programming with out going into the brute pressure method.
  • All the pieces was going nicely until now however now began the troublesome section. He stated that I’m too one-dimensional and I’m not open to new concepts (as a result of I used to be doing every little thing in python). I defined to him that after we began having ML topics within the Fifth-semester python grew to become a necessity and since then I received used to it and began utilizing python for actually every little thing. Then he began explaining how python continues to be thought of a scripting language and never a programming language. He stated that I will be unable to work in java. Then I instructed him that we used to work in Java however it’s solely prior to now yr I’m utilizing python. Then he began asking questions on it which I hardly answered. Questions had been:
  • Distinction between string buffer and string builder.
  • What’s using “String [] args” as a parameter to the primary perform in java. (I answered solely this query).
  • Will this system run if we write solely “major()” as an alternative of “major(String [] args)”?
  • Will this system run if we write “Major(String [] args)” as an alternative of “major(String [] args)”?

Then he requested me to persuade him that I might be capable of work in java if chosen. Which I hardly managed by saying that like I’ve tailored to python, I can return to java once more. It’s all about adaptation. To which he replied, then a rag picker may also adapt why have I come for hiring in IIITA? I had no reply to this. After this, he requested me if I’ve any questions as a result of for the final 40 minutes, he was the one one asking questions and he wish to reply my questions too. I requested him concerning the values of the corporate. I additionally instructed him that it was a shock to see him because the interviewer as a result of I didn’t anticipate him to be the director after taking the pre-placement discuss to take interviews too. Then he requested me concerning the interview expertise and after that, I used to be requested to go away the decision.
For others, it was purely HR spherical the place they had been requested about school life, college life, childhood, relations, and so on.
The outcomes had been declared late at evening and I used to be among the many selects.

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