swift – SpriteKit shaders on iOS 16 – Y-axis is inverted

My SpriteKit app, which makes use of a number of GLSL fragment shaders, is exhibiting completely different shader behaviour on iOS 16 as in comparison with iOS 15 and earlier. On iOS 15 the y-axis elevated within the route of the underside of the display, however now all of a sudden iOS 16 seems to have inverted this and now the y-axis is rising within the route of the highest of the display.

The truth that this variation is going on solely in my fragment shaders whereas SpriteKit node positioning stays unchanged between iOS 15 and 16 leads me to consider that this may be a change made in Metallic 3.

Is there a sublime resolution to reaching constant behaviour between iOS variations right here? I would like to not must detect the consumer’s iOS model and provide a shader uniform to invert the y-axis manually, on a per-shader foundation.

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