Tindie Weblog | New Life for Outdated PS4 Controllers

If there’s one factor I like, it’s utilizing issues in methods they have been by no means meant. Bizarre online game controllers maintain a particular place in my coronary heart, whether or not it’s a cardboard field you must flap to maneuver in-game or a robotic with antennas you progress to tune into his desires. However, this course of is simply as pleasant in reverse, the place you get to make use of conventional gaming console controllers in new, artistic methods. When you’ve obtained a challenge thought for simply such a factor kicking about in your head, take a look at this PS4 Breakout PCB to offer a brand new life to these previous-gen controllers!

The PCB is designed to suit inside your PS4 controller housing, interfacing completely with the tricky-to-work-with membrane buttons contained in the system. The PCB helps you to make the most of the joysticks’ directionality and button options, the D-pad, the 4 form buttons, all 4 triggers, the inner speaker, and the perform buttons like “choices”, “share”, and “PS button”. Some soldering might be required, because the joysticks have to get replaced and so as to add the wires for accepting the inputs from the PS4 controller, however the guesswork of what wire goes the place has been taken out to the equation with this PCB breakout!

Better of all, the complete challenge is open-source, and the maker, Becky Stern, has a full behind-the-scenes video of how she fabricated and reverse-engineered the controller, in addition to an article documenting the challenge. Try her Tindie store to see what different tasks she’s providing there, and watch the video under to get the total scoop on the PS4 breakout PCB and what thrilling tasks she’s utilizing it for!



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