GETTR is an application that breaks away from the Big Tech and will help you join an uplifting, positive social media platform that is for all. GETTR helps the users to bring back the social media experience that will help you in supporting the freedom of independence and reject political censorship. It offers you the voice of freedom where you can share the news, thoughts, and information with your friends, family, and everyone around the world.

With GETTR, you will have the freedom to share your thoughts independently. There are news, photos, videos, and many more things. You can speak whatever is in your mind and post messages up to 777 characters. It means you will have more space to share your thoughts, images, and news.


Rating: 4.6

Price: Free

Version: 1.6.23

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Downloads: 5,000,000+

Category: Social

Developer: GETTR USA, Inc


Longer post- In the application, you will get the chance to have up to 777 characters which means there will be longer posts. With this, things will become even more amazing as you can now share your views in detail so that everyone can understand them easily. In addition, it will become easy for you to share your emotions and everything.

In-app video or picture editing- GETTR also has the in-app video editing option, which means you can now edit your videos just how you want to and make things better. So now, if you want to post a picture or video, you can just edit it the way you want. In addition, users can add more filters to it and the capabilities to images.

Longer videos- People often want to share videos of what happened to them, and with GETTR, you can now do that. Here you can edit longer videos that you want, which will make things even better for you. People can post up to 3 minutes long videos that will help people understand. You can express more things to your users and tell them what you feel about something.

More images- Another amazing feature that you can have is it has the ability where you can edit and add images to the application. In addition, you can attack up to six images per post; that will make things even better.

GETTR is the taking on social media monopolies that comes with technology that even surpasses virtually with several exciting features and many more. It will help us make social media FUN again and sign up for the application.


  • Offer you freedom of choice
  • Share videos, images, and live chat with users
  • Simple user interface
  • Post or repost the different things and provide a message to another user.


  • Cannot use at high pressure


GETTR is the best application that comes with live-streaming and expands the image, which means you can get six photos that are available there. Moreover, it will allow you to decide how to get and share the different information.

You can experience superior technology, which is quite easy to use and comes with exciting features that will help you get the best user experience.