Don’t Know How To Change Voicemail On iPhone? Learn From Here!

Do you want to change the custom voicemail on your iPhone? Do you want to change the way you greet people over voice mail? You may think texting is convenient, but the voicemail was universal. Remember the time when you used to leave a voicemail to your friends as a kid when they did not pick up your call. You can leave a message, and that feels so good.

That is why even today, people prefer leaving a voicemail. If you are using iPhone, then you will also get the chance to enable the voicemail and get them. In fact, you can even add custom voicemail greetings in your voice. If you do not, then there will be default settings, too, this will set the greetings automatically.

But people prefer to set up the voicemail or want to change the default one. So if you’re going to do the same and do not know how to change voicemail on iphone, then you should take a look here.

 How to change voicemail on your iPhone?

At first, the person needs to record voicemail on their iPhone, which will be possible through several different methods. You can do it directly through the iPhone call settings or just download any application that helps.

It is quite an easy and quick process that you can follow, which will help you record the greeting you want to give on your voicemail. If you want to create a custom voicemail, then you can just take a look over the steps mentioned below-

  1. Firstly, the person needs to open the phone app available on their home screen. It will have a green color background.
  2. When you open that, you will see an option of Voicemail available at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  3. It would be best if you tapped on voicemail, and a new window will open where you can find all the voicemail which has been sent to you from people. There at the top left corner, you will see an option of Greeting. You need to tap on that option.
  4. Once you tap on Greeting, you will see two options: one will be a default, and the other is Custom. If you choose to default, then voicemail will be set automatically with a generic greeting. Another option you can find is Custom, where you can record a custom greeting.
  5. When you tap on Custom, you will see the option of Record below on the same screen. You can select Record and then start recording your voicemail greeting.
  6. If you are finished recording, you can just tap stop and if you want to listen to what you have recorded, tap on Play. But if you are unhappy with what you have recorded, you can just tap on cancel.
  7. To change what you have recorded because you are not happy with it, then you can tap on Record again and try recording again.
  8. If you think you are satisfied, you can tap on the save message available at the top right corners.

Once you have followed these steps, then you are all ready. If you do not answer the phone, the person who has been calling you will be directly directed to your custom voicemail greeting. You can check the voicemail in the option of voicemail in the Phone app.

It is easy for the person to handle things and improve things for the user. Now, you will not miss any critical message just because you could not pick up the person’s call. You can also check whether it is working or not by calling on your number from someone else’s.

If you want to set up voicemail on your iPhone, there are several other ways. You can find so many applications which you can download on your phone and make use of it in the best way possible. It is so easy for the user to download and use it. They can easily record the message on voicemail and make things so much better.

But while doing so, one thing that a person should remember is that they should choose a reliable platform. If they do not know how to change voicemail on iphone, then there is nothing to worry. They can do that easily with these apps because there will be proper instructions for you. If you are doing it from your Phone app, you can just follow the steps mentioned above.

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