Guide On How To Cancel Audible Subscription

You might want to know how to cancel your Audible membership if you haven’t been able to listen to audiobooks recently due to time constraints or if you’d prefer to go back to the traditional book reading experience and flip the pages yourself. Before continuing, be sure to use up all of your remaining credits since if you terminate your membership before doing so, you won’t be able to reclaim them. Here is how to cancel audible subscription. You might also try downloading your titles to your computer or smartphone so you can listen to them while you get not connected to the internet.

Why did You want to Cancel Your Audible Subscription?

For those who enjoy audiobooks, Audible has many benefits. However, there can also be some drawbacks that are specific to you. Your primary motivation can be one of them.

  • The single monthly credit cannot cover the cost of the Audible monthly subscription.
  • Because Audible’s recommendation engine does not highlight the titles you require, you despise it.
  • For example, you used to drive a lot earlier, but now you don’t, and your motivation for utilizing the app has changed.
  • Reading improves comprehension more than listening.
  • Audible audiobooks can get replaced with less expensive options.

Get rid of the subscription utilizing a smartphone or tablet:

Although there isn’t an official way to do it from within the app, you can cancel your Audible subscription using the browser on your smartphone. Thus how to cancel audible subscription on a smartphone or tablet follows these simple instructions:

  • Access the Audible website by opening – the Google Chrome web browser on your phone.
  • To enable the Desktop Site, tap on the three dots in the top right corner of Google Chrome and scroll down.
  • Open your Account Details after logging into Audible.
  • At the bottom of the page, click the Cancel Membership link, and then confirm your decision on the following page.
  • To cancel your Audible subscription, select your reason for doing so and press the Cancel Membership button.

All done. The cancellation of your Audible subscription was successful.

What does It mean to Cancel Your Audible Subscription?

When you cancel your Audible subscription, the monthly fee of $14.95 and the monthly credit for one audiobook are no longer applied. You will, however:

  • Keep your purchased books accessible.
  • Be able to pay the entire – price for audiobooks on Audible or Amazon.
  • Get gifts of Audible books from friends and family.

Your capacity to return audiobooks is the one advantage you’ll give up. Before terminating your membership, make sure you manage any returns or exchanges.

Consider the following before canceling:

You own any books you buy with a credit or credit card! You will still have access to your purchased titles even after you cancel, and you can download and listen to them as much as you like.

You will no longer be able to take advantage of membership perks like getting one credit each month that may get used to purchasing any title, regardless of length or cost, or getting 30% off additional titles at any time.

What are the alternatives of Audible app:

You can also try overdrive or AudiobooksNow for the similar features of Audible app.

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